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Through our service offering we aim to add value to our clients who are concerned with the:

  • Management of entrepreneurs and their technologies — from embryonic stage to commercial readiness;

  • Research, development and demonstration of new technologies and products;

  • Commercialisation of new technologies and products; and

  • Application of innovations to add value to their businesses — in technological, marketing, manufacturing or sales fields.

Wyld Group is a successful business advisory and consulting practice primarily focused on the needs of technology-based businesses, their investors, and the government agencies that support their emergence and growth.

With careers built in business, investment, government and research fields, our direct experience and knowledge is applied to the advancement and commercialisation of technologies, investment readiness of products and companies, capital raising and innovation policy. We have a strong understanding of the linkages, interactions and drivers within and among each of these areas to add value to, and minimise risk for, our clients — particularly for early- to middle-stage companies.

Wyld Group offers a range of advisory and consulting services covering:


Strategic and business planning
Market analysis and planning
Business risk management
Investment readiness and capital raising